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Death in the House – Does the Seller Have to Disclose?

Is a seller in Georgia obligated to disclosure if someone died on the property? Watch the video on You Tube  or read below: With horror and  haunted house tours all month long, ghost stories, and Halloween finally here, I wanted to share with you whether a seller (in the state of ...

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Are You Paying Too Much in Property Tax?

We all have to pay our fair share of real estate tax. How do we make sure that it is fair?In order to answer that important question, we have to first look at how real property tax in Georgia is determined. Basically, the county where the property is located, determines ...

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Down Payment and Closing Cost Help Is Just Around the Corner

It is not a secret that to purchase a home using financing, you need some money for down payment (and closing costs among other costs associated with a home purchase). The good  news is that it does not have to be 20% down.  On a $200,000 purchase, you may have ...

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