How to Win in a Multiple-offer Situation

In  Atlanta, market inventory is tight and houses that are beautiful and priced right go under contract in a matter of two or three days. Most often than not, buyers and sellers are dealing with several offers at a time. How do you, the buyer, present an offer that will ...

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Avoid Doing This if You Are Self-employed and Planning to Buy

    Your income (among other things, such as your credit score and debts) is very important when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. When you are self-employed, you make money, but you also spend money on or in your business, so your real income depends on how much ...

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What Georgia Landlords Should Know

1. Make sure leasing is permitted in the community; 2. Get special insurance for landlords; 3. Check prospective tenant’s background for a small fee; 4. Get your lease in writing; 5. Know you cannot discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, and familial status; 6. Do not ...

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